Noël Theodosiou

With an open mind and an open heart anything is possible

Noël Theodosiou

I am a strategist, facilitator and marketer with a relentless focus on customers.

For almost 20 years I’ve helped leaders overcome challenges to do with growth and stagnancy, conflicting priorities and cross-functional differences.  Having started my career in management consultancy, I then worked in strategic marketing – first, at Added Value in London and then, at Fusion 5 in New York.  Whatever the challenge, I’ve always found that the solution lies with the customer.

I created Luminous in 2005 to help organizations connect more closely with customer realities.  Finding the truth about customers and figuring out what to do about it can be hard.  It can result in difficult conversations.  But when we get there (and I don’t stop until we do), it’s a real inspiration to see the difference true customer-centricity makes to an organization, its people and its performance.

I work and live between London and the US east coast.  Being of Greek heritage, I’m passionate, tenacious and committed to the truth.  As an American, I am interested in outcomes and action.  It’s a combination that makes for robust and meaningful solutions.

Beyond Luminous, I serve as a Board Director of The Walden School, which teaches people to approach life creatively and collaboratively through music.  I am Co-Founder (with Sarah Farrugia) of Candied Thinking, a movement committed to bringing about change in society through conversations rooted in compassion and collaboration.

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