Everything falls into place when you focus on what matters most: the customer

When performance fails to meet expectations, we focus on the internal instead of the external. We are quick to blame the strategy. We waste time and money revising it. We put our people through demoralizing reorganizations. We lose focus, throwing good money after bad on projects that don’t yield results.

I help ensure that your strategy and plans put the customers center stage, so that your brand gives them what they need, value and desire. I help determine what’s working so that you can build on what’s resonating with the customer. I help fix what’s not working, so that customers stay with you and grow to love your brand again.

You can work with Luminous:

  • On a project basis, to lead strategy, insight and tactical planning projects
  • On an ad-hoc basis, to facilitate key sessions with leadership and management teams
  • On an on-going basis, to ensure strategic reviews don’t lose sight of the customer

The outcomes are:

  • Clarity – clear customer understanding and focus to your strategy
  • Action – products, services and activity plans that resonate with customers
  • Commitment – unity and alignment around delivering for customers
  • Focus – decisions that prioritize the customer


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