The right actions make the customer feel understood and valued as a person

The challenge is to realize your strategy in a way that resonates with the customer.  There are many things that you could do, but only some that you should do.  With great insights, you can develop activities, products, services and communications that will make people love your brand.

I work with you and your organization to:

  • Generate insights that get to a rich understanding of the customer as a person
  • Put customer realities at the heart of objectives and initiatives
  • Use fresh techniques and tools to develop products, services and other activities that resonate
  • Create an innovative climate where you generate executable ideas that are ahead of the market and make a material difference
  • Develop brand, business unit and functional action plans that are customer-drive and sync with each other

The outcome:

  • Plans, initiatives, tactics and communications connect with the customer and deliver for the business
  • Teams collaborate to create initiatives that are focused on achieving a common, customer-driven outcome
  • Senior managers have confidence that they will be able to deliver on customer-defined goals

Some Luminous project examples:

Bringing greater customer understanding to brand strategy and marketing planning… for a global pharmaceutical company

Brand creation for a new concept to address a new market and customer segment… in the fast food sector

Addressing strategic communications on a tough public health issue… for a global soft drinks company



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