Clear strategic thinking starts and ends with the customer

Lack of clarity about brand and business strategy is the number one reason goals aren’t reached.  The key to unlocking performance is to understand the customer realities behind your business goal.  A strategy that’s customer driven, rather than propelled by an internal agenda, has the power to deliver the results you want.

I work with you and your leadership teams to:

  • Uncover the customer challenges and opportunities you face as a business
  • Crystallize the strategy and pinpoint customer-defined success criteria, giving you greater focus
  • Express the strategy and rationale in everyday words, bringing it to life as a compelling story for the people who implement it
  • Deploy the strategy with stimulating and practical tools, galvanizing the people responsible for making it happen
  • Evaluate progress, review learnings and adjust activities as customer realities change

The outcome:

  • Your strategy is truly customer-centric
  • As a leadership team, you share a single view of the strategy and the thinking behind it
  • Senior managers are committed to customer-centered goals and equipped to mobilize their teams
  • Everyone believes in the strategy – heads know it’s strong and hearts believe it will succeed

Some Luminous project examples:

Creating evocative scenarios and robust strategies to deliver for customers a decade ahead… for an automotive company

Establishing and agreeing global growth priorities across brand, sales and marketing leadership… for a global, multi-brand hotel company

Bringing greater customer understanding to brand strategy and marketing planning… for a global pharmaceutical company

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