Customer-centricity overrides individual and functional concerns

Everyone sees things from their own vantage point.  This causes people to disagree or pursue actions that are at odds.  Looking at the situation from the customer’s perspective creates a shared commitment that supersedes the ambitions and priorities of individuals and functions.

With new and established teams, I work both one-to-one and in groups to:

  • Bring people together by immersing them in the customer’s world
  • Uncover conflicts and inconsistencies by focusing on the root problem; the one that lies with the customer and is therefore, common to everyone
  • Facilitate conversations that have the customer at the center, confronting existing assumptions and helping everyone gain a fresh perspective
  • Resolve issues and devise and action plan that has everyone’s complete commitment

The outcome:

  • The customer is the shared focus of all teams and functions
  • The organization is united and inspired to act on customer insight
  • Teams establish a collaborative way of working that benefits the business
  • Obstacles are overcome, critical work gets back on track and people work together better

Some Luminous project examples:

Helping a new team deliver strategic change by transforming the professional Attraction and Recruitment function… of a multi-national oil & gas company

Establishing and agreeing global growth priorities across brand, sales and marketing leadership… for a global, multi-brand hotel group


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