Every decision you make impacts your relationship with the customer

With finite resources, you are faced with making choices: saying no to some initiatives and yes to others.  How do you decide which projects are a priority?  Where do you concentrate your energy, talent and resources?  And how will you deliver in the short-term without losing sight of the long-term?  Once you understand the customer’s issues, the answers are clear.

I help you carry out a review to examine:

  • Your brand and business strategy: is there a clear customer opportunity and are there insights behind it?
  • Your activity plans: are they aligned with your strategy, relevant to the customer and in sync with each other?
  • Your performance: are your business goals effectively aligned with customer success criteria?

The outcome:

  • You have greater clarity about your strengths and weaknesses, and what to address now versus what to build for the long-term
  • You have decided which activities to stop, which to adjust and continue, and which to fast-track
  • You and your people are focused and ready to take action immediately
  • You are as confident about next year as you are about tomorrow

Some Luminous project examples:

Establishing and agreeing global growth priorities across brand, sales and marketing leadership… for a global, multi-brand hotel group


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