It takes perspective and leadership to move from product focus to customer empathy

True customer-centricity demands commitment.  It takes time and insight.  It involves switching from internal goals to external drivers.  It requires particular skills and processes. The effort is worthwhile because people love the brands that practice it and customer-centric businesses get the results they want.

The Luminous approach involves:

  • Translating business problems into customer desires

Business performance originates with the customer.  An outside-in framework reveals what the customer is thinking, feeling and experiencing.  And shows you what you need to do for the customer in order to get the results you want.

  • Generating insights and building customer-oriented action plans

Getting to the real issues means understanding the customer as a person; uncovering what’s behind what they say and do.  My insight and idea generation techniques enable you to create products, services and activities that make the customer say “they get me”.

  • Engaging and inspiring the organization with customer understanding

By immersing your teams in the customer’s world, I help you create a shared commitment and empathy for the customer that supersedes the ambitions and priorities of individuals and functions.  Your people are united and inspired to act on customer insights.

  • Ensuring customer-driven leadership and decision-making

Using a customer-centered decision-making tool, I help you prioritize the actions that are most meaningful to the customer.  This ensures you don’t sacrifice key customer benefits to short-term or internal pressures.


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