We believe that enduring growth is achieved through customers, and that it requires a combination of courage and skill.


Putting the spotlight on customers

Taking the customer’s perspective and connecting it to your business goals isn’t easy. It requires particular skills, difficult conversations and sometimes, challenging trade-offs. But when we get there (and we don’t stop until we do), it’s a real inspiration to see the difference it makes to an organization and its people. The result is that the business performs better. Products and services are more relevant. Customers are loyal. Brands are loved. Performance exceeds expectations. Leaders lead with conviction.

As we look back on the work we did this year to refresh our brand strategy, much of it stems directly from key insights we learned in, and because of sessions hosted with Luminous.
— Chief Marketing Officer

Our people

Our people are experts, collaborators, truth-tellers, and change agents. We share a commitment to helping organizations become more customer-driven. Our work is guided by the knowledge that companies who put customers at the heart of their strategy and plans perform better than those who don't.

Luminous, LLC is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. WBENC fosters diversity in the world of commerce by facilitating real-time business opportunities, promoting innovation and creating partnerships that provide opportunities for women-owned businesses in the U.S. and internationally.



Noël Theodosiou, Principal & Founder

Noël puts the spotlight on customers (and keeps it there), helping clients realize their business ambitions.

Noël provides consulting solutions and programs that uncover customer truths, engender customer-orientated practices throughout client organizations and lead to better business performance. The outcome is that leaders lead with conviction and strategies deliver results.

Noël has spent over 20 years using her expertise in brand and business strategy, customer insight and innovation to enable global organizations to address growth opportunities and challenges. After beginning her career in management consulting, she worked at Added Value in London and later at Fusion 5 in New York. She has worked with global brands and organizations across a variety of sectors such as Pfizer, Toyota Motor Co., The Coca-Cola Co., Bank of America, Ford Motor Co., Shell and others.

She created Luminous to help organizations connect more closely with customer realities. Being of Greek heritage, she’s passionate, tenacious and committed to the truth.  As an American, she is interested in outcomes and action.  It’s a combination that makes for robust and meaningful client solutions.

Noël is a graduate of Swarthmore College. Previously a violinist, she was Board Chair of The Walden School. She is based in Cambridge, MA



Liz Forder, Marketing Consultant

Liz sheds light on customer needs, enabling client teams to develop and deliver plans that drive commercial performance.

Liz helps shape brand and business strategy to give customers what they need, value and desire. With her guidance, clients generate deep customer insights, innovate to create better customer experiences, and develop and implement customer-focused marketing and organizational plans.

Liz has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience. She honed her cross-functional business knowledge and deep empathy with the customer at Mars Confectionery, where she led commercial initiatives and delivered in-market solutions to address customer insights and growth opportunities.

She spent 7 years in a client engagement role at Brand Learning, a marketing capability company, developing and delivering marketing excellence programs for global clients such as British Telecom, Shell, Boots, Legal & General, Electrolux and Merlin Entertainment.

Born in Zimbabwe, Liz lived in her early life in South Africa. She spent the first 3 years of her career promoting and managing Formula 1 Powerboat Racing. She is based in London, UK.



Judy Lahner, Marketing Excellence Consultant

Judy empowers individuals and teams to shine, ensuring businesses are equipped to perform at their best.

In a world where achieving business growth is increasingly challenging, Judy works with marketers to insightfully develop strategies and innovation that enhance customer experience and brand value. She helps clients not only define the what, but also the how of marketing.  She also works with marketing leaders to engage and inspire their people and teams to perform at their best.

Judy is a seasoned global marketer with over 25 years of experience as both client and consultant. She spent 16 years in local, regional and global Marketing roles at Unilever, Playtex, Reckitt Benckiser and Crayola. She then spent 9 years at Brand Learning (now part of Accenture) and over 2 years at Kantar Consulting (a WPP company) where her focus has been on helping companies grow through developing world class marketing capabilities. She has worked with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Novo Nordisk, Bayer, GSK, & Maersk Line, across sectors as diverse as Pharma, Leisure, Financial Services and CPG.

Judy grew up in South Africa, but has lived in New York, Prague, and currently in London. She loves the outdoors and spends her free time walking with her husband and dog, or watching her son play hockey.



Kathy Battistoni, Organizational Consultant

Kathy sparks change among client teams, enabling them to sustain their focus on customers across functions, operations and business processes to ensure enduring business results.

Kathy supports clients in effecting organizational change as they evolve to become more customer-driven. She helps them sustain a concordant focus on customers across functions, operations and business processes so that they can secure enduring business growth.

Kathy has 30 years of experience in change management, organizational development, communications and knowledge management.

Most recently she headed up North Highland where she led a team of consultants in building strategic capabilities in data and analytics, performance improvement, process and business analysis. Previously, Kathy was a Managing Director at Fidelity Investments, accountable for business process alignment, quality, new business and measurement tracking. Before that she was a Partner at Accenture, where she led HR Transformation practice, developing internal training, methodologies and tools.

Kathy has a B.A. in Psychology from St. Lawrence University and a M.S. in Community Counseling from the University of Vermont. She is based in Duxbury, MA.



Linda O'Brien, Business Operations Manager

Linda keeps the flame of Luminous bright, ensuring seamless operations and execution of all our work.

Linda helps develop the appropriate infrastructure to empower Luminous and our work with all of our clients. She manages all client communications and project calendars, ensuring projects run smoothly and efficiently.

She has over twelve years of experience as a professional services consultant and administrator, focused on helping growing businesses plan, operate and evolve. Linda previously worked with a physician speaker, author and consultant, Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn who specialized in facilitating collaboration between hospital CEOs, board members and medical professionals. To Luminous, she brings corporate and administrative expertise in client relations, marketing, technical support, project management, budgeting and bookkeeping.

Linda loves hiking, biking, arts and culture, travel and the outdoors. She is based on the North Shore of Boston.


June 1-4.png

June Holzwarth, Visualizer

June makes the deliverables of Luminous shine, bringing customer insights, ideas and initiatives to life for our clients.

June prepares and creatively develops visually compelling presentations and materials. She brings to life all the strategies, insights, ideas and initiatives developed by Luminous.

She has over 30 years of experience working with clients, analysts and strategists documenting decisions, key findings, outcomes, insights, ideas and actions. Her experience cuts across the instantaneous environment of workshops, as well as sustained work over the course of projects, programs and initiatives.

In her spare time, June develops and designs logos, business cards and adult coloring book covers. She is a dog-lover and is based in Stratford, CT.


Our collaborators

We collaborate with organizations that have talent and expertise in specific areas. This enriches the insights reached and broadens the services clients receive.

4th Row Films
A film production company specializing in narrative film and branded entertainment. We work together with their directors, screenwriters and actors to bring to life insights, strategies and ideas.


Leone Design
Creators of brand identities and communications. They develop visual strategies for our clients who are creating customer experiences and new brand propositions.


An immersive and experiential insights agency that helps us navigate trends and the changing customer environment.


Experts in semiotics analysis - the study of culture and symbols. They give us a deeper, more contextual understanding of markets.


Key Fact

“High performing organizations are adept at whole-brain thinking - the combination of left-brain analysis and right-brain creativity.”

- Harvard Business Review