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The right treatment to the right patient at the right time

  • Watermark Seaport 85 Seaport Blvd Boston MA 02210 USA (map)

Reflections and highlights 

Each stakeholder group in the development, supply and provision of healthcare faces its own challenges, priorities and incentives. When added together, these diverse factors are compounded, making it more difficult for patients to get the treatment they need, when they need it. 

“I can develop it” > “I can commercialize it” > “I am willing pay for it” > “I believe it’s right for my patients” > “I am willing to ‘take’ it”

Our discussion highlighted the dynamics of our healthcare system and the delicate balance between economics / resource allocation and patient needs / outcomes. Diverse perspectives brought into the group (R&D, clinical, commercial), re-enforced the need for transparency, collaboration and communication across functions and players in the healthcare system.

The conversation honed in on a few key stakeholders, addressed the dynamics across preventive, chronic and rare diseases, and considered the difference between therapies that fulfil unmet medical needs versus those that demonstrate substantial improvement over what is currently available.

Therapy developers – What is the breakthrough science? What patient need will we address? How do we develop a solution and balance our commitment to patients with the resources available? How quickly can we get approval? When & how do we “pull the plug” if key study outcomes don’t fully meet expectations? How and when do we engage with commercial teams to collaborate? 

Commercial teams – How will we get our solution to patients? Are healthcare providers on board with our solution? What challenges do they face treating patients in the disease area? Do payers believe our therapy will benefit their patient population / employees and are they willing to cover it? How do we demonstrate and communicate our value proposition to each of these customers?

Healthcare providers – Will it make a difference / work for my patients? Can they pay for it? Will they be able to comply, adhere, persist? Is it easy to prescribe? What kind of patient education is needed? Who is endorsing this therapeutic solution and what experience can they share? What are the risks?

Patients – Do I really need it? How much will it cost? What are the side effects? Will it cure me? For how long will I need to take this treatment? How difficult is it to take the treatment? Will I need the support of a caregiver? How will I navigate coverage and reimbursement? What other options are there?

Note - This is an informal sharing event, views shared represent personal opinions, not those of any company.