Building foresight and agility in strategic planning

Automotive company



To ensure long term strategic planning prepared the whole company for future customer needs in a business with a 3 to 5 year product development cycle.  The strategy team was seeking to understand what customer offerings, services and relationships would be needed a decade into the future.

Luminous at work

  • Sourced, briefed and collaborated with internal and external experts in economics, demographics, culture, technology, engineering and other areas to understand the customer of the future

  • Worked with the strategy team to draw these inputs together and develop future scenarios from a customer perspective

  • Developed creative expressions of each scenario from the customers’ point-of-view on film (collaborated with a screenwriter and film director)

  • Identified implications for business and functional strategies

  • Designed and facilitated strategy sessions with a variety of teams across the business to address the scenarios


  • Alternative views of future customer realities were considered in strategy development across the business

  • The strategy team and functional leadership teams were able to envision the future in a more emotional and visceral way (versus looking at technical forecasts and projections)

  • Strategies were based on a robust understanding of the potential challenges and issues faced by customers in the next decade

  • Identified and developed opportunities and ideas that would normally not have come to the surface