Empowering customer-driven growth

We have a track record of enabling companies to become more customer-driven.

Luminous challenged and collaborated with each of us to get the most out of everyone.
— Head of Strategic Planning

Examples of our work and impact



Setting key growth priorities with a global commercial leadership team

We identified targeted customer and brand growth priorities for a multi-brand hotel group and then facilitated alignment and agreement among global brand, business unit and commercial leaders.



Improving the customer impact of strategies and plans

We enhanced the strategies and plans of a global pharmaceutical company with customer insights to ensure optimal allocation of resources across the portfolio.



Driving commercial capabilities and confidence

We strengthened the commercial approach of a global financial services company through skills, tools and metrics to build better business cases for customer initiatives.



Building foresight and agility in strategic planning

We developed and implemented a new approach to medium & long term portfolio planning for an automotive company by envisioning the future world of customers, a decade ahead.



Addressing a public health issue with complex customer & stakeholder dynamics

We mapped the commercial impact of shifting customer and stakeholder attitudes to implement a new communications plan for a global soft drinks company.


Key Fact

“Emotional motivators drive customer behavior... and are an important source of growth and profitability.”

- Harvard business Review