Getting agreement on growth priorities

Global multi-brand hotel group



To agree growth and investment priorities among brand, sales and marketing leadership. And to get everyone engaged in and committed to global team success - including brands and regions that would receive smaller budgets at the expense of others.

Luminous at work

  • Developed and facilitated a two-day work session for the Chief Marketing Officer to engage and align brand, sales and marketing leadership teams around customer and business priorities
  • Interviewed all participants to understand their challenges and opportunities, and to identify key commonalities and differences
  • Worked with the Chief Marketing Officer to develop a framework for connecting marketing and sales thinking with customer strategies and business goals


  • Brand, sales and marketing leadership came to a shared understanding of the situation, priority customers and key drivers of performance
  • Agreed marketing priorities with associated initiatives and programs for the planning period
  • Resolved conflicting views about growth opportunities and addressed concerns about under-investment in non-priority areas
  • Developed stronger relationships among brand, sales and marketing leadership, and greater willingness to work together to achieve shared goals