Addressing a public health issue with complex customer & stakeholder dynamics

Global soft drinks company



To act on rising concerns about child obesity in a year when this global soft drinks company was a key sponsor of the Olympic Games. There was lack of consensus as to the customers’ perception of the issue, its impact on their behavior and the resulting commercial implications. Our challenge was to get to the bottom of the potential customer challenge and determine how to implement corporate guidance on promoting active lifestyles.

Luminous at work

  • Generated customer insight and an understanding of the relationship between brand perceptions, the child obesity issue and its commercial impact

  • Developed a communications planning framework that encompassed internal and external stakeholders (across customer segments and community stakeholders)

  • Created compelling active lifestyle messages for each brand

  • Evaluated marketing plans to align activities with the active lifestyle strategy and address customer challenges

  • Enabled a multi-functional, pan-European taskforce to share knowledge, align activities and optimize marketing activities and investment


  • Messaging became consistent with customer insights and brand positioning across the portfolio

  • All relevant customers and stakeholders included in communications planning

  • Managers had the tools to evaluate activities against corporate strategy while addressing customer challenges in their market

  • European regions developed the practice of collaborating and learning from one another

  • The organization began thinking and acting constructively to address customer realities – it moved from a defensive to a proactive stance on the obesity issue