Empowering customer-driven growth

How do you unlock growth?
Through customers.


Luminous empowers customer-driven growth


By putting the spotlight on customers, Luminous gives brands and businesses the power to perform. We partner with you to inspire and equip your organization to lead for the customer, bringing the results you want.


We bring commercial excellence to businesses where customer purchase decisions and stakeholder dynamics are complex. Our sector expertise includes deep knowledge in BioPharmaceuticals, Medtech, Energy, Technology and Financial Services.


Give your business the power to perform


Taking the customers’ perspective and understanding its impact on performance enables you to make better business decisions. We work with you on the commercial strategy & capabilities of your organization, in order to:


Clarify your strategy by making customers and key customer metrics the focal point

Generate plans and actions that truly resonate with customers

Generate plans and actions that truly resonate with target customers and deliver on your key value propositions

Unite, engage and equip everyone to deliver for customers

Unite, engage and equip everyone to deliver for customers and improve lifetime value

Set priorities and optimize resources to align customer initiatives with business goals

Set priorities and optimize resource allocation across customer touch points to align investments with business goals


Our people enable global brands to grow


Customers are the driving force behind business growth. At Luminous, we’ve been making that a reality for clients since 2005. Our consultants are experts in commercial strategy & excellence, experienced in enabling growth for global brands and businesses. Our tools and knowledge will connect you with customer realities and make a material difference to your business.