Luminous works with you to ensure you put the customer center stage.


When performance fails to meet expectations, the answer can usually be found with the customer. Luminous ensures that you and your people put the customer center stage. And that your strategies, plans and actions address what they need and anticipate what they want. More customers grow to love your brands and become loyal to your business.


Clarify strategy


A customer-driven strategy has the power to deliver the results you want. Unlock performance by understanding the customer realities behind your business goals.

  • Crystallize business opportunities by pinpointing customer-success criteria

  • Uncover and target customers’ true motivations through data and insight

  • Bring strategy to life as a compelling story told in the voice of the customer

  • Evaluate progress and adjust your priorities as customer realities change

You will have a truly customer-driven strategy – clear in its customer-defined targets and priorities. A strategy that leaders believe in, the organization can implement and teams fully commit to.


Plan for action


With great insights, you can develop activities, products, services and communications that will make people love your brand. Generate plans that join all the business units, brands and functions in your organization to create a meaningful customer experience.

  • Identify insights that provide a rich understanding of customers as people
  • Put customer realities at the heart of objectives and initiatives
  • Create products, services, programs and activities that resonate with customers
  • Develop customer-driven brand, business unit and functional action plans

Your plans, tactics and communications will connect with the customer. Your organization will generate impactful ideas and leaders will be confident of delivering on customer-defined goals.


Engage and equip people


To be truly customer-driven, your people need tools and inspiration. They need to work together seamlessly across silos. Taking the customer’s perspective results in a shared commitment that supersedes the ambitions and priorities of individuals and functions.

  • Bring people together by immersing them in the customer's world

  • Uncover inconsistencies across functions by creating shared ownership of the customer experience

  • Put the customer at the center of your conversations, confront assumptions and get fresh perspectives

  • Deploy your strategy, using tools and approaches that galvanize action across your organization

The customer will become the shared focus of all teams and functions. Conflicts will be resolved and all parts of the organization equipped to execute. You will have everyone’s commitment to making an impact through the customer.


Assess and set priorities


Once you understand and connect customer challenges to business opportunities, you know which initiatives are a priority, where to concentrate your resources. You are better prepared to determine how to deliver in the short-term without losing sight of the long-term. Together we examine:

  • Your brand and business strategy: is there a clear customer opportunity and are there insights behind it?
  • Your activity plans: are they aligned with your strategy, relevant to the customer and in sync with each other?
  • Your performance: are your business goals effectively aligned with customer success criteria?

You will set priorities that optimize resources and align customer initiatives with business goals. Your people will be focused on what matters most. You will be as confident about next year as you are about tomorrow.


Key Fact

“Companies with highly satisfied customers generate superior returns”

- Harvard Business Review