Luminous links business performance with customer realities.


True customer-centricity demands commitment. It takes time and effort. It requires particular skills and processes. It involves switching from internal goals to external drivers, using both data analytics and human intuition. It means immersing your people in the customer’s world. The effort is worthwhile because people love the brands and businesses that practice it.


Connect customer opportunities with business potential

Translate business goals into specific customer opportunities. Use outside-in thinking to identify the critical customer challenges that drive business performance.


Reveal customer insights from data

Understand what’s behind customer attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Combine data and observations to reveal customers’ underlying motivations.


Create initiatives that resonate with customers

Develop innovative customer solutions and programs. Apply creative techniques and human-centered design practices to generate ideas based on customer insights.

Much of the learning gained is unimaginable at the outset, exceeding anything that could emerge from a purely rational or functional process…
— International Cultural Expert

Ways to work with us


On critical issues

To address critical growth challenges and identify clear strategies and plans (particularly when the market or category you operate in is stagnant or customer behavior "immovable")

So that your brand(s) and business are aligned with real growth opportunities.



At critical times

To facilitate key meetings with leadership and management teams when setting direction for the future (especially when there are diverse options and divergent views)

So that you lead and manage your business without losing sight of the customer.




To cultivate customer intuition and empathy across your organization (when you don't have time for training, but need to enhance and improve the customer-orientation of your organization)

So that your organization is equipped to act on customer needs, and therefore, drive business performance.



Our Promise

Luminous works with you and your people, engaging both heads and hearts.

  • We focus on refining your thinking to make your strategy deliver more (we don’t re-invent the wheel)

  • We partner with you to apply best practice tools and processes (we don’t walk away with your challenges to return later with an answer)

  • We strive for clarity and conviction (we don’t settle for ambiguity)

  • We bring new ideas and insights to life with both structure and creativity (we don’t rely on analysis alone to tell the story)


Key Fact

“In 78 percent of over-performing companies, customer-centricity is fully embraced by all functions”

- Harvard Business Review